About Us

My studio overlooks the Black River in Springfield, Vermont, a town once famous for machine tool manufacturers and engineers, when it was known as the Precision Valley. It's a beautiful place to live, and it keeps the overhead low for my clients. My company is small, which allows me to spend less time being a manager and more time devoted to craftsmanship. When possible, I do most of the work myself, but workshop and staffing levels often expand to meet client deadlines. For whatever size project, having every detail of the design and construction under my control provides the best product at a low price.

david_w_ts.jpg Most of the expense of a model is in the time and care required for accuracy of design and quality of construction, and my studio will never make anything less than a high-quality product. I strive to build durable, lightweight models, usually delivered in protective boxes and/or crates. I tend to favor plastics in construction, but am proficient in many media, and often use wood, steel, aluminum, and anything at hand; materials are chosen to suit the project and the client.

In the course of my career I've been involved in projects in Africa, Europe and across America. I've worked on museum installations, trade shows, opera and theatre, film and television special effects, custom furniture, and industrial exhibition. I've collaborated with architects, teachers, marketers, designers, and engineers. I believe I can produce anything you can imagine.

Please me to discuss your project's needs.