It might not have been the best film ever made, but there were some great visual effects, and I was lucky to be working with a lot of skilled people who loved their jobs. This was another big production at Boss Film Studios, especially for the model shop, where, among many other things, I did a bit of puppeteering: for the video tests, I was the front legs of the title character.

I was one of several craftsmen who worked on this miniature set, which was supposed to be futuristic blast furnaces of some kind. This was built of foam board, styrene, and anything lying around. With a lot of smoke and the right lighting, the effect is pretty convincing onscreen.


What looks like a Chevy engine block falling through space is a model of an emergency escape vehicle. It was 1/6 the scale of the full-sized EEV at Pinewood Studios in England, where the live-action footage was shot. This is an example of a piece that had to appear indistinguishable from the real thing. I had responsibility for construction of the escape pod bay set, where the pictured model was seen docked with several identical EEVs before being ejected towards the planet below. Months' worth of my hard work flashed across the movie screen in about six seconds.


This dish antenna was built of wood, styrene, PVC, and found bits, and it had computer-controlled movement in two axes.

For the full, visual-effects story, see Cinefex magazine, volume 50